Kathleen Brush
Kathleen Brush

Global Management and Strategy Consultant



Consulting Services

Global business services

  • Perform market assessment of the attractiveness of target markets that are under consideration
  • Provide regular updates on changes in target markets, such as political changes, that could alter a market’s attractiveness
  • Provide regular assessments of possible and probable threats for a company’s target markets

Strategy development services

  • Research and advise on the best market opportunities
  • Evaluate specific market opportunities
  • Research and recommend new product opportunities
  • Financial evaluation of new opportunities
  • Validate existing strategy
  • Lead the process to develop a company-wide strategy
  • Develop a strategy to meet company-defined objectives
  • Advise on or prepare business plan to support a new strategy
  • Advise on or prepare presentation to secure strategy buy ins at any level
  • Facilitate organization-wide deployment of strategy
  • Customize a process for developing strategy
  • Evaluate exit strategies

General business services

  • Analyze operations and recommend areas of cost savings
  • Evaluate and advise on implementing cost cutting initiatives
  • Evaluate and advise on implementing growth initiatives
  • Advise on improving operations in a foreign market
  • Advise on improving motivation in the US or a foreign market
  • Advise on how to prepare a company for sale to secure a superior valuation

Leadership-related services

  • Senior management coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Leadership skills evaluation
  • Customize plan for developing new leaders

Marketing services

  • Develop corporate marketing strategies (products and communications)
  • Develop product specific marketing strategies (products and communications)
  • Evaluate the market potential of a product or product portfolio
  • Facilitate market sizing of any product or new market