Kathleen Brush
Kathleen Brush

Global Management and Strategy Consultant

Global Management Consulting for a New Era

The challenges businesses face today are double and triple what they were twenty years ago. Always-on, interconnected, global markets – are placing incredible demands on every business.

Companies can no longer decide if they want to expand internationally, now it’s a matter of when and then how to succeed in markets with unfamiliar political, regulatory, economic and social systems. It might be tempting to focus at home but with hungry global competitors springing forth from anywhere and everywhere, this could be a recipe for success to evaporate.

But uncovering the best opportunities takes work. It’s important to evaluate the influence that different political and regulatory environment can have on success. For example, where corruption runs rampant or intellectual property is unprotected.

The state of aspects of a country’s economic development can also be telling. Trying to do business in a country where highways are a concept, capital in unavailable, and worker skills are low can introduce some costly challenges.

Doing business in a country where information transparency is a problem can make it very hard to make informed decisions.

When a new opportunity means managing people across borders, understanding foreign labor laws is a must and so is understanding how different cultures are programmed. In the US a worker might be motivated to go it alone, in another country that could be a very unmotivating thought.

With all these challenges there is a tendency to just wing it. But doing this in foreign country can be really costly.

If you want some help meeting these challenges so that the selection and navigation of new market opportunities can be take with confidence, give me a call.

The Power of One

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The Power of One
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The Power of One: you’re the boss aims to arm any boss (or an aspiring boss) with essential skills that can earn him the admiration of others as a competent leader leaving positive marks on his patch in the world. It also aims to arm the reader with enough anecdotes on the negative power of one that it becomes evident that a partially skilled leader should not be content and it is nothing to aspire to be.